The world is now a sea of stubby and Shark Fin antennae, so make your Prius unique by adding a Blaid antenna. The Blaid antenna gives your Prius an upscale, unique look while matching your existing paint perfectly and blending in to the sharp lines of the Prius. Installation is a breeze - literally unscrew your stubby antenna and screw on the Blaid.

Beat Sonic Shark Fins are manufactured in Japan, but kept in-stock here in the US for immediate shipment. 

  • Blaid antenna specially paint-matched to 2004-2015 selected Toyota and Scion models.
  • Aerodynamically designed antenna to reduce wind noise.
  • Pre-painted and color matched to selected Toyota and Scion models for an exact match in color using high quality OEM paint.
  • Directly replace rear pole antenna.
  • Helical coil antenna to directly connect to antenna base using M5 screw.
  • Patent pending multi-joint system to prevent theft.
  • Installation requires no modification and easily reversible.
  • Compatible for AM/FM Radio, HD Radio and Satellite Radio signals (From OEM).
  • Made in Japan 


  • Size: 8.27 in(Height) 1.8 in(Width) 0.6in(Depth)
  • Frequency Range: FM (76.0MHz - 108.0MHz) AM (530KHz - 1710KHz)
  • Antenna Type: Helical Coil
  • Installation: Multi-Joint Locking Mechanism Shaft
  • Attachment Screw: M5 Size 


  • 1 year from the purchase date. 

    **WARNING for Antenna Base without folding mechanism!
  • The Blaid antenna is not safe for automatic car washes when the vehicle's antenna base is not equipped with a folding mechanism. The Blaid antenna needs to be removed before entering an automatic car wash. Beat-Sonic is not responsible for any damages related to any misuse of the product including entering an automatic car wash without removing the Blaid Antenna.
  • Be sure to check height clearances at garage entrances, on roof racks and other driving scenarios where the roof area clearance is limited. If the Blaid antenna is in contact with an object during vehicle motion, there will be damage to the Blaid antenna or the car body. Beat-Sonic is not responsible for any damages related to negligence or carelessness of the user.
  • For vehicles equipped with a hatchback, check the clearances when the hatchback is opened all the way to make sure there is no contact with the Blaid antenna. 
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