Want the advantages of high octane gasoline without the hassle of trying to find it locally? BOOSTane is an additive that can bring 93 octane pump gas up to a tested RON of 110 when used as directed. Originally developed for the offshore powerboat market, it is safe for oxygen sensors and catalytic converters, and contains no alcohol to damage sensitive fuel system components.

BOOSTane Premium is there for your peace of mind. With engines getting more and more horsepower out of small and smaller engines, we are becoming increasingly susceptible to the harmful side effects of poor or inadequate fuel quality. Whether you are in an area that only has low grade fuel, or you have a vehicle that is susceptible to the harmful side effects of ethanol supplemented fuels, there needs to be a solution. BOOSTane Premium is just that.

Harnessing that same innovative, proprietary carrier that BOOSTane built its name on, Premium's formula focuses around fuel restoration and sustainability. Premium is for the person who knows that their Hot Rod was designed around leaded fuel, and needs a little more than what is at the gas station. Or the luxury sports car owner that lives in an area that only has 91 octane, and during the summer needs a few more octane points to protect itself from knocking or loss of performance. Either way, BOOSTane Premium gives those customers the effectiveness, convenience, and of course, peace of mind that their vehicle is safe at every fill up!

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