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ENEOS Fully Synthetic High Performance Motor Oil is formulated from 100% synthetic base oil, providing superior thermal and oxidation breakdown resistance.  These oils flow better at cold temperatures, reducing wear on critical engine parts at start up.  ENEOS Fully Synthetic Motor Oil contains a carefully balanced blend of additives that help improve fuel mileage by keeping the engine clean, protecting vital engine parts from wear and reducing internal friction.

ENEOS Fully Synthetic Motor Oils exceed the latest API Service SN, and ILSAC GF-5. Additionally ENEOS Motor oils exceed the service fill requirements of Toyota, Honda, and other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) where an SAE 0w20, 5W-20 or 5W-30 motor oil is specified.

ENEOS 0W-20 High Performance Fully Synthetic Motor Oilwith the new ILSAC GF-5 specification is an improvement in engine oil performance compared to the current GF-4 specification. ENEOS GF-5 oil provides better fuel economy, increased emission system durability, enhanced piston cleanliness, reduced engine sludge, and improved turbocharger protection.

Special Features

Low Viscosity (0W-20)
ENEOS 0W-20 High Performance Fully Synthetic Motor Oil is blended from high-performance hydrorefined base oils and an optimized additive blend, so it provides much better heat and oxidation stability than regular motor oils blended from solvent-refined base oils. Thanks to its innovative formulation, ENEOS 0W-20 achieves a low viscosity of 0W-20, so it enables excellent fuel economy and environmental protection.

Ultralow Fuel Economy to Protect the Environment
In addition to its high-performance hydrorefined base oils and various additives, ENEOS 0W-20 is also blended with organic molybdenum friction reducers. As a result, the oil minimizes friction and enables superb fuel economy.

Meets Latest API Standards
The high-performance ENEOS 0W-20 has been certified as meeting the latest API SN standard established by the American Petroleum Institute.


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