The ExactMats clear floor mat offers extreme protection for your Prius v's interior by keeping your carpet or factory floor mats safe from unsightly dirt & grime, stains, wear & tear, mud, burns and moisture. And because our mats are also bacteria-resistant, ExactMats in your Prius v means additional protection from disease-causing elements caused by pets, liquids, foot traffic, unknown spills, food, and other leftover residues. These are the things that you can't see that would otherwise be soaked up and trapped deep within your Prius v's unprotected floor mats.

Only a floor mat as clear and precise as ExactMats can offer this much protection, without spoiling your Prius v's aesthetic qualities.

ExactMats’ unique process allows us to cut any size mat for any make or model to the precise factory specifications of your vehicle. And the material we use is 100% clear virgin vinyl – the clearest most durable material available.

Packages available:

Package 3

Front and Rear
(Front: two individual mats)
(Rear: one mat over hump)

Package 6



ExactMats Package 3. 2 Front mats, 1 Rear unimat ExactMats Package 6. Cargo Mat


Only ExactMats uses 100% Clear Virgin Vinyl. 

Other brand's clear mats use various materials and additives that only serve to cut production costs. Unfortunately, it's your car's interior that ends up being cheapened as well. Our vinyl is the clearest in the industry. As a result, every floor mat we produce is the clearest in the industry.

The Thickest Clear Mats in the Industry. 
Exactly 80mil thick. A thicker mat stays put better, retains its shape better, and is more resistant to the dreaded "driver-side heel dent" that most other mats suffer from. It’s only because our mat material is so clear that we can produce a mat this thick without spoiling the vehicle's original interior look.

Extra Measures for Better "Feel". 
The grippers underneath are developed specifically to hold tight and stay put better. Even our "pebble" pattern on the top was custom designed to provide a more skid resistant foot surface.

ExactMats' Precision Cutting Process is Unmatched. 
Our high-tech process allows us to replicate the exact factory specified dimensions for any make or model vehicle produced today. Because it makes no difference to cut 1 or 1000, single mat replacements are easy to order.

Fits all 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 Prius v wagon models.

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