You perform preventative maintenance on your Prius' gas engine and transmission - why not perform preventative maintenance on the hybrid traction battery as well? The patent pending Hybrid Automotive Hybrid Battery Rebalancer (aka grid charger) will reverse battery cell imbalance and improve MPGs while significantly extending the life of your traction battery!

All NiMh battery cells suffer from self-discharge that result in hybrid battery imbalance failures. This type of battery failure is extremely common and 100% preventable! In the past, battery imbalance failures cost thousands of dollars to resolve, but this in no longer the only option!

There are 168 cells in the 2004-2009 Prius hybrid traction battery pack and each one charges and discharges at a slightly different rate. Over time this imbalance will grow to the point that the car cannot correct and the battery will "fail" resulting in expensive repair bills. By using the patent pending Hybrid Automotive Hybrid Battery Rebalancer once every few months, the battery cell imbalance can be quickly and easily reversed WITHOUT HAVING TO REMOVE THE BATTERY PACK FROM THE CAR. Just plug it into your normal household AC outlet to quickly, easily, and safely refresh & rebalance you hybrid battery pack.

The Hybrid Battery Rebalancer very slowly charges the battery pack above its actual physical maximum capacity (i.e. above 100%). The slow rate of charge is intentional, so the battery pack is not damaged. When each individual cell reaches its true 100% capacity, the extra energy delivered is converted to a small amount of heat. Cells that are not yet full continue to charge, until all cells reach their true 100% physical capacity and the pack is rebalanced. The proprietary hybrid battery cooling fan control ensures the battery is properly cooled throughout the charging & balancing process - without draining the car’s 12V auxiliary battery. Without proper hybrid battery cooling fan control, an external hybrid battery rebalancer (grid charger) can easily overheat and destroy your hybrid battery. NEVER use a product that does not provide for proper hybrid battery cooling while charging.

If you already have experienced battery failure symptoms due to cell imbalance, a Hybrid Battery Rebalancer is still a good choice to consider. Over two-thirds of customers have already received a hybrid battery DTC trouble code before purchasing a Hybrid Battery Rebalancer. In over 97% of these cases, our customers report that the Hybrid Battery Rebalancer restores battery performance and gets them back on the road for an extended period of time.

Technical specifications:

Input Voltage: 88 ~ 264VAC
Input Frequency: 47 ~ 63Hz 
Input Leakage: <2mA / 240VAC
Output Voltage: 0 - 250V
Output Current: 350mA CC

Max rated ambient temperature: 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) 

Grid Chargers can help you resolve these DTC Codes:

Toyota Prius:

Installation is easy and takes less than two hours to complete. View the complete installation instructions here:


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