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The PriusChat Smartphone iOS/Android Mirroring Interface addresses one of our biggest disappointments with the 2016 Prius: lack of Android or Apple integration. The Prius Smartphone Mirroring Interface adds this integration with both video mirroring on your Prius' large center display and high fidelity audio through your Prius' sound system. While it's still easy to access anytime you want, you no longer have to use Toyota's hobbled Entune system. Use apps like Google Maps or Waze for navigation, listen to music and view high resolution album art in apps Apple Music, Spotify, & Pandora, and allow your passengers to stream video through YouTube, HBO, & others on long road trips.

All touch controls remain with the Android or Apple device.


The Smartphone Mirroring Interface includes the Navigation and DVD Control Bypass Module Combo, providing you access to the following features while the car is in motion:


  • Enable functions that lock out when the car goes into motion.
  • Plug and Play harness enables no splicing of factory harness.
  • Easily reversible to factory specifications.
  • One-touch switch to easily override factory navigation system.
  • Control button that enables the DVD/Video player bypass.
  • Made in Japan. 

    While Driving, allow full access to factory navigation and DVD/Video controls while vehicle is in motion:
  • Enter and edit destinations.
  • Enter and edit Points of Interests.
  • Browse phone and address book.
  • Browse and utilize Entune applications.
  • Dial phone numbers on the numeric keypad.
  • Browse music folders and play list from MP3 discs and /or HDD audio sources.
  • Watch DVD/Video and screen features. 

Important note for Apple users: For Apple iOS integration, you will need to purchase (or already have) separately the following three items. Android users do not have to purchase any additional parts.


View the video below to see a hands-on demonstration of the mirroring system using an iPhone.

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