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Looking for a way to identify your car as 100% hybrid, or maybe just a way to set your Prius or Hybrid apart from the pack? Look no further!

With these high quality, Laser-Cut decals you can make your car unique. Available in 3 colors, these decals will compliment any body color.

Available in BLACKWHITE or GREY.

Set includes lettering for the two sides and the rear. The sides read: "PRIUS" in the logotype, about 4" tall with a smaller set (about 1") of letters that say "GasElectricHybrid" underneath the logo. The rear lettering fits perfectly under the license plate and says "GasElectricHybrid"; they are about 1-1/2" tall.

Decal package includes everything you need to apply the laser-cut decals perfectly on your vehicle. Put them anywhere - the windows, the body... anywhere!

Custom colors are available - please email Shop@priuschat.com if you are interested.


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