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Take advantage of the wide angle reverse camera while changing lanes or just to see what's behind you. Use it to help pulling into the garage with visual confirmation that the rear bumper has cleared the garage door.

TSHRCA converts the turn signal pulse into a solid output to activate the rear camera. There are 3 selectable activation settings via jumpers, turn signal only, hazard only and turn signal with hazard. A 3 position switch mounts on one of the blank fillers that let's you turn the system off so that reverse camera operates as before. Turn the switch to Auto and the turn signal and/or hazard lights activate the rear vew camera. Turn the switch to On to activate the rear camera without using the turn signal or shifting to Reverse.

TSHRCA's output only goes to the head unit and does not affect the rest of the electrical system. It will not engage the "R" display on the dash nor does it activate the reverse beeps or the reverse lights. TSHRCA does not affect the intelligent parking assist. The IPA functions as normal When in "Reverse." The reverse camera view does not flicker on and off with turn signal pulse.

TSHRCA+SLO1 Take advantage of Turn Signal/Hazard Rear Camera Activation with Speed Lock Override.

SLO1 provides lock override for both navigation (VSS) and DVD video (parking brake).

Optional bypass loop plug is for disconnecting the TSHRCA+SLO1 without removing the head unit.

For more information Please goto http://priuschat.com/threads/turn-signal-hazard-rear-camera-activation-mod.143320

Works with Any Prius and most Toyotas equipped with reverse camera and LCD display.

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